Granada colonial city

Granada is a city in Nicaragua that is located on the coast of the great lake and is well known in the region for being one of the cities that preserve its colonial structure that is its main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists who come to it. Granada has an area of 1039.68 Km2 and is characterized by its natural beauties which are very popular among them, the central park of Granada, which is always very visited because it offers a great variety of dishes that belong to the rich gastronomy of the area and above all the traditional and world-famous Vigor  that attracts many people for its flavor. Taking a tour of the city you can find the old train station, a traditional horse-drawn carriage ride with views of the colonial-style houses, its cathedral up to the Granada boardwalk, following the route along the streets bordering the coast. find the most important tourist site that are the Isletas de Granada. The islets of Granada are the result of a huge explosion of the Mombacho volcano, product of this great explosion emerged from huge volcanic rocks 365 islets with different sizes ranging from one hundred square meters to more than one hundred hectares. All the nature of the region and the fauna that surrounds these islands, make them a natural attraction that can be appreciated making boat tour and allowing visitors to appreciate each and every one of them.

Islets of Granada

In this site there are around 1200 people, most of whom are fishermen of the area, in some of the islets you can see luxury hotels, cabins for rent and in others simply growing vegetation that is not yet inhabited. Granada has become one of the most visited tourist sites in Nicaragua due to the variety of attractions it offers such as its colonial structure, museums, galleries, hotels and restaurants, the nightlife of Granada is known to provide all visitors nationals and foreigners as well as the inhabitants of the city a safe and at the same time happy environment.

Granada Cathedral

This city and its extensive territory is composed of several districts among which most stand out: 1- Diri  that is a characteristic municipality for being covered with trees and is the skirts and surroundings of the support lagoon. 2- Diriomo: Located in the foothills of the imposing Mombacho volcano, this municipality is characterized for housing witches and healers, and its population is very religious and devoted to Virgen de Candelaria. 3- Nandaime: This municipality is the second most important department, has coasts in the great lake and approaches three natural reserves. Its main attraction is the presence of pre-Columbian ceramic stones in its rural areas. Granada is one of the most important cities in Nicaragua and represents in a very high percentage the presence of tourists who enjoy its wide gastronomy, the warmth of its inhabitants as well as tourist attractions, hotels and nightlife, it is an ideal destination to spend your holidays and enjoy the richness of its culture and diversity. The car rides through the interior of the city or the navigation in the great lake of Nicaragua to know all the islets of Granada make it a must for all tourists who want to know and take a nice memory of the Nicaraguan culture.