Ometepe Island Nicaragua

Ometepe Island is located in the center of Lago Cocibolca in Nicaragua, has a territorial extension of 276 km2 and rises above the lake to 1610 m. Its main characteristic is that it is formed by two volcanoes, one of them the active conception volcano and the Maderas volcano that at its highest point we find a lagoon. The name Ometepe has its origin in Aztec language and its meaning is Ome: two Tepelth: Colins or Volcanoes. To get to this island it is necessary to take a boat that along an 8 km route and an estimated time of one hour of travel, allows visitors to enjoy the breeze of the great lake of Nicaragua and observe how they raise on the surface of the water the two imposing volcanoes.

This island is classified as one of the islands with two largest volcanoes on fresh water in the world and its natural and cultural beauty allows those who visit its multiple tourist sites to enjoy nature and the great variety of animal species. When the tourist arrives at Ometepe will have multiple transportation options, which will lead them to a wide variety of options in accommodations either in the urban center of the community of Moyogalpa or in tourist sites. The island of Ometepe is divided into two main communities, Moyogalpa and Altagracia. Tourists can enjoy tourist sites such as Charco Verde, Ojo de Agua, San Ramón waterfall, Santo Domingo beach. Among other outdoor activities, Ometepe offers trekking with expert guides who know the area very well, as well as the experience of climbing the top of the Maderas volcano and appreciate the view of the whole island from above. In this same place appreciate the exuberant beauty of the lagoon found in the crater of the volcano.

Maderas Volcano lagoon

The expert guides will show you the most visited places by national and foreign tourists, guiding you to the petroglyphs that are found in several small communities of Moyogalpa and also in Altagracia. Places such as Punta Jesús María, which is a stretch of sand that goes into the waters of the great lake and that during the dry season can reach a length of up to one kilometer.

More ahead in the community of Altagracia is one of the places with the greater affluence of people and is the eye of water. This is a natural pool completely crystalline and composed of volcanic water that manages to maintain its mystique and beauty thanks to the vegetation that surrounds it. The properties of volcanic water attribute the ability to relieve fever, muscle aches, stress and some allergies thanks to its waters containing potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium.

Another of the most important tourist sites on the Island of Ometepe is the San Ramón waterfall located in the south-west of the island in the community that gives it the name San Ram  which belongs to Altagracia. This waterfall is a thousand meters above sea level or the waterfall is about 120 meters, as a tourist can be reached halfway in vehicles equipped with double traction and the rest of the route can be done at the foot through trails and with the protection of nature, or else make use of horses that can drive you all the way up.