Tola Nicaragua

The municipality of Tola has located 14.5 km from the city of Rivas, in Nicaragua. This municipality has become in recent years one of the most important tourist sites in the country, hosting an approximate 50 km of coastline in which 19 beaches are located, among which are: Giant Beach, Colorado Beach, Jiquilete Beach, Las Salinas and El Astillero that maintains as one of its main tourist destinations The Escalante Wildlife Refuge - Chococente and the now famous Popoyo Beach. The latter was a witness to the World Surfing Championship in 2015.

When tourists come to Tola, they must take the Pan-American Highway from the airport to Rivas, where the signs will guide them all the way. The first stop is the central park of Tola where you can appreciate the statue of the Bride of Tola, which is about a local legend. Continuing on the road to the beaches of the municipality and at a distance of 32.1 km from tola, we find the beautiful Popoyo Beach, considered a paradise for lovers of the sport of surfing and where you can find a wide variety in the service offer for the practice of this sport. This beautiful beach located in the Pacific south of Nicaragua offers many tourist establishments where you can stay at the beach, hotels, lodges, camping and dream eco-lodges for national and international tourists.

Popoyo Beach

On the same coastal line, we find Playa Las Salinas, which is characterized by its main economic activity is fishing, where tourists can interact with local people while collecting the catch of the day as well as buying fresh produce and first hand. Another economic activity in the area is the hotel and is that this beach can also find many accommodation options where you can also enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding or rental of sand bikes to explore the extensive Beach. Like fishing and tourism, its inhabitants also produce the salt that is extracted from the sea.

Continuing with the wonderful beaches of the south pacific, we find the Wild Reserve La Flor which besides being an ideal beach for tourism, also offers visitors the unforgettable experience in its time of releasing turtles so they can be integrated into the marine fauna of the zone. To this beach arrive between July and January seven arrivals of Turtles Paslamas that deposit around a hundred white eggs in holes that they dig, these eggs take approximately fifty days to break the shell and then begin their way to the sea. A wonderful experience that you can enjoy as a family. Another activity offered by this paradisiacal beach is hiking to know the different places that the area offers.

La Flor Wildlife Reserve

In recent years, Tola has been projected as a perfect place for tourism development, whether adventure or to get away from the bustle of the city. On its beaches, there are important tourist complexes, luxury, and exclusive hotels. It is worth noting that it has the airport, which receives domestic flights from Managua and that is also an option to get direct and in less time to the paradisiacal and important beaches on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Its people, the diversity of flora and fauna as well as its great tourist offer, make Tola an excellent option to vacation and enjoy the nature and tranquility that you will only find in all its 19 beaches.