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Not surprisingly, there are more and more surf boarding houses along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

If you can bear to drag yourself away from your double bed and hammock, there are restaurants and bars just a 25-minute drive away. The capital, Managua, is only an hour's drive away, and Lake Nicaragua, the largest in Central America, is just a few minutes away. The volcanoes Mombacho and Masaya are only a short drive away and the capital of Nicaragua itself Is about two hours south. This makes it a popular destination for tourists who flock to this place all year round.

If you are tired of the peace and quiet, you can help yourself at the Palermo Hotel & Resort in San Juan Sur, Nicaragua. If the beach is not nearby or if you want to surf in San Juan sur, this is a great option.

Offering tours, excursions and bird watching expeditions, the hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Central America for bird watching, bird hunting and wildlife conservation. This hotel is not only the most luxurious accommodation you can find in the city, but it is also a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, especially from the United States and Europe. It is not the "best hotel" in Central America, it is one of the best in the world.

The 14 rooms of the hotel are decorated in traditional Nicaraguan style and with private balconies overlooking the garden in each room you will get a real taste of Nicaragua. If you enjoy the simplified life and spend more time appreciating the beautiful island, that is for you. This is the only luxury accommodation on the island and is located in one of the most beautiful hotels in Central America with a beautiful view over the city of Managua.

The Hotel Dario is truly the epitome of Granada and from the hotel you can enjoy the views of the Mombacho Volcano. In addition, the view of the Catarina, from where you can enjoy a view over the lagoon and the Mombsacho volcano. Visit the friendly bar staff, who serve fresh fruit shakes while enjoying one of Nicaragua's best views.

If you want to explore the boundaries of Pelican Eyes Resort and Spa, you can book a stay at one of the many hotels in the area, such as Hotel El Pueblo, Hotel San Juan or Hotel Ponce de Leon. Hotels and resorts in Granada and other parts of Nicaragua offer a range of exciting activities. In our travel, leisure and Nicaragua guide you will find the best hotels, restaurants and destinations in this beautiful country to explore. To see a complete list of all hotels at all levels, please visit our separate list of all hotels within Nicaragua here.

The Hotel Plaza Colon is designed to exceed the usual expectations of tourists in every respect, from the attention paid to the guests, to the way they are served in their rooms, to the food and drink they eat. The Hotel El Convento is located just 5 minutes walk from the city centre and provides a comfortable retreat if you are just visiting this city. You can also have a quick lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants and cafés.

If you are here for surfing, Rivas is one of the best places in Nicaragua and this 4 star resort is a great place for surfers who want to catch a wave. If you are here for coffee and tobacco, this is the Northern Highlands, and if you are here for coffee or tobacco, it is the northernmost part of Nicaragua.

The structures are everything you could wish for in this region, so choosing the best place to stay in Nicaragua is really the reason why you want to visit this Central American beauty. Click through our list of the best accommodations in Nicaragua and read more about traveling and staying in these Latin American gems of the country.

El Castillo is the only place where you can find air-conditioned rooms in the city of El Castillos, one of Nicaragua's most popular tourist destinations.

Nicaragua has 550 miles of coastline with sandy beaches and sleepy surfing towns, and the attitude of visitors is generally very positive. This tropical playground, often overlooked in favor of neighboring Costa Rica, has been designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve called Ometepe, which has 1.5 million hectares of tropical forest covering a total area of 2.2 million hectares. Nicaragua has a volcanic lake surrounded by sparsely mapped jungle, which is home to a great variety of flora and fauna and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are wetlands, farms and acres of empty beaches, but the most famous of them is in La Laguna de Nicaragua, a crystal-blue freshwater lake that occupies the caldera of an extinct volcano.

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