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Not surprisingly, there are more and more surf boarding houses along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. There are various points, breaks and beach holidays that work all year round, so there's a good chance you'll be at one of them at some point.

Nicaragua's best attractions include Granada National Park, the National Museum of Natural History and the Museo Nacional de Nicaragua. Leisure activities include exploring Nicaragua's mountains and mountainsides, such as the Sierra Madre de los Muertos, climbing and hiking, visiting the beautiful colonial city of Granada and boat trips on the small island of Granada.

You can buy high quality cooking tools from Costa Rica that you can own yourself or from local suppliers. There is also a folk dance event held every Thursday night, where we can learn some traditional dance moves from Nicaragua. You can also take a book with you to learn how to make handicrafts by local artisans, how coffee is grown and harvested for export, and how they make their own coffee beans and other local products.

If you are in Managua, visit the Roberto Huembes market, where you can find a wide range of handicrafts from all over the country.

This closed market is considered to be much safer than the Oriental market and is a good shopping destination during the rainy season. In the markets of Managua, there are often several sellers selling the same item, so if you don't get a good price for an item, you can always look for other sellers. If you want a more comfortable and secure shopping environment, head to the Multicentro Las Americas shopping center. This shopping center focuses on shopping centers in safer environments and is considered one of the safest shopping destinations in the country.

If you can't find anything on the oriental market, you can buy it at the Multicentro Las Americas or at any of the other malls.

You may want to leave your traveler's check and credit card at home, as most places and sellers only accept Nicaraguan currency, the American dollar. You will need it to do most of your shopping in Nicaragua, as most restaurants, hotels, bars and other places in the country do not accept credit cards.

Once you arrive at Managua airport, you can keep your American currency and exchange your money for Nicaragua's currency, or keep it and forget it at the airport. Nicaraguan currency, and you can get it back at any time you return to the US during your trip.

From there, you can take a taxi directly from the airport to Granada in 45 minutes, where you can see the rainbow-lined market square lined with picturesque streets and inviting palm trees. After visiting the markets of Nicaragua, you should definitely visit the park where the Masaya Volcano is located. To enjoy one of Nicaragua's best viewpoints, visit Catarina, where you can enjoy views over the lagoon and Mombacho Volcano, and the friendly bar staff serving fresh fruit shakes.

A little further south is Playa Iguana, which is similar to Rancho Santana but offers a really nice accommodation. The crescent-shaped Playa, made of pearl chestnuts (pronounced "keys"), offer some of the best Caribbean beaches Nicaragua has to offer. This tropical playground, often overlooked in favor of neighboring Costa Rica, has been designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve called Ometepe.

If you can bear to drag yourself away from your double bed and hammock, Ometepe Beach Resort with its restaurant and bar is just a 25-minute drive away. Don't miss Otto's beach during your stay, and pay particular attention to the tourist area, which includes some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, as well as some of Nicaragua's most beautiful beaches.

Nicaragua's largest city has the most shopping facilities, but also smaller coastal communities, especially in the capital San Pedro Sula, have great markets. It has some of the best restaurants and bars in the city and one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, with many beaches to choose from.

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Our Nicaragua travel guide shows you how to travel on a budget, save money and make the most of your trip. If you are travelling to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica or any other Latin American country, you are in the right place if you are travelling to Nicaragua.

A visit to a Nicaragua market is the perfect family getaway to find beautiful handicrafts and unique Nicaraguan food. Strolling through the stalls of Nicaraguan markets is a great way to learn about Nicaragua's rich history.

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